Voting Process

cff logo Stuart and Cassie combine


  • The voting is done by the viewing audience and is graded on a scale of 1 to 5.


  • The voter scores the film in 8 key areas and the final vote is based on an average of those scores.


  • The score from each of the 8 key areas are added together and then divided by 8 to get the final voting score.



  • Anyone interested in becoming a voter for Cherub Film Festival can simply watch the films that are available.


  • When finished watching the film just click the voting scale with you're vote score.


  • There is an online form for voters to use as a guide to making a fair judgement of 8 key areas of the film.


  • The 8 key areas of judging include:


  1. story-line
  2. lead actors
  3. supporting actors
  4. cinematography
  5. audio
  6. score
  7. editing
  8. and entertainment value.